..how I was taken off the market <3

It was 6/27/09 and we were at Silver Lake Sand Dunes..a regular summer trip for my fiance and his family/friends. This was our 5th summer together and we had spent the whole day riding 4wheelers and swimming at Silver Lake. We got back to the campground for a typical night...everyone was taking turns going to the shower house while some of us hung out having a good time. My fiance told me to go by the fire while he took a shower and hang out until he was done. So I head over to the fire and see everyone (probably 20 of our friends and family) moving chairs away from the fire and everyone standing closely around the fire. I asked my fiance's brother what was going on, why everyone was moving the chairs away from the fire. He told me that they were going to make the fire bigger. That they did---the fire of love that is! Around the corner a few seconds later came my fiance asking me if I knew how much he loved me and if I knew that he wanted to be with me forever. Still confused as to what was happening I told him yes and yes to both questions. He then proceeds to get down on one knee & then he pulled out the most beautiful ring in the world! One I had shown him a few months back that I loved in the jewelry store! We cried, smiled and became engaged----it was the most romantic night ever. Needless to say, it was one moment in my life I, my fiance, or our friends/family will never forget! It was perfect!