How I made my fiancee cry for 15 minutes straight

The video tells the story better than I do, but essentially, I wrote a song for my (now) fiancee, Cindy, made a video for her, and used it to propose to her in front of our friends in New Jersey.

Things you should know:
1. Cindy and I promised to say "I love you" only after we got engaged, so for the ~3 years we were dating, we only said "I like you" to each other.

2. I proposed in New Jersey, away from our home, friends, and family in California; so I had a lot of her friends from childhood through college and post-college send me a video of them saying "I love you" to Cindy.

3. The video cuts out before the last verses intentionally. I came out after the video ended to sing the rest to her in person and then propose to her.

4. She did not see this coming at all.