How I, Arielle, got engaged...

So I am a very very impatient person, just letting everyone know. Its Christmas day and Casey (Airman Sanders) was playing his video games. I would usually play as well, but being me, I was laying in bed with the controller to the Xbox on my lap while the two player had only one person playing... Obviously I was pouting and being all sad and stuff, because it was the middle of the day on Christmas and he hadn't gotten me anything!!! I was sooo mad! So he comes to the side of the bed, sneaking the ring box from underneath the mattress.. lol.. and he said that I was very impatient, but I already knew that, so I just looked away. He finally says will you marry me? and there was no ring so I automatically said NO! Then the real thing happened and he had the ring and asked again!!! I said YESSS! : )

It was the best Christmas ever!!!