How he did the deed...

When my boyfriend Luke and I were walking down through Portstewart, Luke said that I was the love of his life, he loved me loads and thought I was beautiful. That was odd, as Luke rarely says things like that, just expresses his feelings in different ways. Later on, we were taking an evening walk along Portstewart Strand with our dogs (Pawla, Maxie, Alana, Poppi and Tobey) when Luke took my hand and pulled out a jewellers box. He got me to open it, and the box contained a beautiful ring, silver with a single sapphire and two diamonds. I said yes, of course ill marry him, and he slipped the ring on my finger.

That was a year ago, and now we are married. We got married 2 weeks ago, and came back from our honeymoon in Austrailia. I am now Anna Marie Witlow. We know have 15 dogs (Pawla, Maxie, Alana, Poppi, Tobey, Jak, Ralf, Zoey, Connie, Jonah, Titch, Giantessa / Tessa 4 short, Kat, Kitty and Barker) and are adopting the cutest little boy in the world. He is 3 years old and we were allowed to name him, so we called him Tyler James Witlow. In a few years time, we plan to adopt again and move to France.