A horse and carrige

The Family had planned a saturday to spend together (both sides his and hers) that was normal to me we always do things together! well ryan told me that he got called into work that morning! so i was really upset because he wouldnt be there! so we all met up in frankenmuth and went shopping! ryan called me and told me that he was on the expressway on his way home and he would meet us in frankenmuth for dinner! so i was so excited that he would be able to make it. well we were sitting on a bench while i was talking to him... as soon as i hung up i turned my head and there he was in a hourse and white carrige pulling up to where we were setting... my heart dropped! he got out of the carrige and got down on one knee and said " ok i know we dont have alot of time (they were ganna charge him to stop if he didnt hurry) and i love you very much ... will you marry me.." i was sooooooo happy and nervous at the same time i said "are you seriouse" lol!! then i said yes of course! after that we got to ride in the hourse and carrige for a 15 min. and we were dropped off in front of the family and we took lots of pics. then we went to applebees for food.

The End

Best day of my life...
Untill the wedding!

Ryan Greenbury and Kayla Slackta