He waited too long.

I've been with my 'boyfriend' (although at 31, I feel he's too old to be addressed that way) for five years. We've lived together for three and for the last two I've dropped occasional hints that I would have loved him to make me his wife and for us to be a proper married couple. My hints fell on deaf ears. I am at a point now in our relationship where I just don't care anymore. I want a man who takes the initiative and has the balls to be a proper a man and commit to marriage. Not pussyfoot around for years on end. I probably sound like a bunny boiler (which I'm not) but I'm not getting any younger and very much wish I was married with children. And I know if I stay with this man, in ten years time I will probably be in exactly the same position as I'm in now. I've lost interest in him, the romance has gone and our relationship has run it's course. His lack of proper commitment to me has made me lose respect for him and I deserve better.