He used my love of photography

Me and my fiance were together 5 years before he proposed. He used my love of photography to book my favorite local photographer to have some pictures taken of family and sat me down to look at theses pictures in front of all our friends and family.. but little did i know he was about to propose!

We planned a labor day BBQ (which i later found out was really our engagment party) with all our friends and family. When the day came it was just like any other BBQ, tons of food, tons of family.. I was having an awesome time. I sat down to look at the pictures our family had gotten done with the photographer. When i got to the very last picture it was my fiances nephew holding a box with a ring in it, and underneath it it says "will you be my auntie?". I look down to my fiance (who is down on one knee) with the box in his hand. I instantly bursted into tears and said yes! I couldnt of planned a better perposal!