Fairy Tale Photo Booth Proposal

It was Valentine's Day, Darrin picked me up after work. Our plan for the evening was to go to Banff right away, so we can make it for our reservations at our favorite restaurant called "Grizzly House". Instead he was so insisting of taking me to Chinook Mall. Little did I know, Darrin had been planning for the proposal all day, with the help of his best friend Craig.

Anyways, as we got into the mall, he gently held my hand and led me towards the Photo Booth. As he opened the Photo Booth curtains. I saw a beautiful bouquet, 2 dozen of red roses placed on the seat. I was shocked and felt so special, as it didn't cross my mind that there will be another surprise for me.

Darrin was acting really strange, nervous, panicky and so insisting about everything. Anyways, we went inside the Photo Booth and waited for the pictures to start snapping as I saw him fiddling with his back pocket. Few seconds after he pulled out the beautiful ring, with his sweetest short speech, as he tried his best to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him, of course I said YES!!!