The Engagephant

It was the day before my birthday, and I had just got in from work and was trying to get ready but feeling frustrated that I wasn't going to look good, and was basically having a strop!!
Mike (the now fiance) told me to go an open my presents since he was in work at 8 am the next day and I wouldnt get them until later in the day.

I went into the lounge and he had put some music on, a slow version of "Higher & Higher" (which is actually the song we wanted as our "first dance" song) I opened the bag and pulled out the present I knew was the book he had bought me, and went staright for the big box at the bottom.

I opened it and inside was an elephant (something he has bought me throughout our relationship) with a bow around it's trunk holding a engagement ring and as i turned round he was down on one knee and asked me the important question, "Will you marry me?" I threw the Engagephant and ring over my shoulder (onto the sofa) and threw myself at him as I said "Yes!"

It was perfect for us and made even more special by having a fab meal with all our friends after.