engagement with a twist

i decided to ask my girlfriend the big question when we were going on a ski trip to andorra. i bought the ring on the friday and kept it a secert, we flew out on the sunday morning with a few friends.
my plan was to ask on the tuesday so i could go up the moutain on the monday and check out a suitable spot but!! i felt really sick on the sunday nite, we were out having a couple of drinks so i decided to go home early and get some rest,so next day am still very sick and cant ski so i go to the hospital and they check me out and they tell me i have to get my appendix removed (am like is mother nature saying dont you even think about proposeing). so i got them removed very sucessfully and i got out on the thursday. so thursday after noon my fiancee collected me from the hospital, we went back to the ski resort and i insisted she return to sking and we would meet up later ( obviously with the stiches i couldnt ski and i were very stiff). so thursday evening we all went to the bar and i was on medication so no alcohol, this was the same bar we were in on the sunday, the owner actually visited me in hospital so i decided i would tell him my plan and he was the only person to know so i asked him would he put up some ballons decorations and get us a cake and we could have a suprise party on the friday nite(if she says yes), so friday i said to my fiance i would meet her for lunch in the afternoon up the mountain,(you can go up and down the mountain in the gondela and not have to ski) so up i went armed with a ring and at this point very anxiuos to get the job done as iv had alot time too think about it and you know us men what were like when we think to much! so after lunch we went out side the restaurant which had amazing views all around, we walked around the front on a ballcony over looking the mountain and we talked about our reltionship and that we were together 6 half years and i got down on 1 knee and proposed and she sald yes, so we gathered the rest of our friends and told them our good news,that evening me and my fiance went out for dinner to nice restaurant so on our way home i said did she fancy going in for a drink so in we went to the bar and she ws very suprised and needless to say it were a late one and a sober one.