On a cold March Night

I've known her since i was 17 and thought about her ever since. When i turned 21 i thought my life was taking a turn for the worse. There was negative things surrounding me and i didn't think i could find Love in this world. Until February of 2010 when we started seeing each other. We knew each other since we were teenagers but haven't talked for a while because we were in different situations. Until both our lives led us to each other off very similar paths. She met me when i was a different i was in a bad situation doing bad things. She was the angel God sent for me to save me and I thank God every day for blessing me with her. She made me realize the man I truly am and she was the only one to save me and believe and have the patience to heal me. After being with her i realized she was the one and on her Birthday a year ago when she turned 23 i purposed to her on the Hudson looking at Manhattan. Our love is like NYC. Its the biggest and greatest in the world and there's nothing like it. I love you Katherine. Always and forever in my heart.