Clare & Jason 31st October 2010 - London Proposal

Jason and I had been seeing each other for 2 years when he proposed to me, we were in London for the weekend and had spent the weekend seeing the sights and catching a couple of west end shows. we woke up early on the sunday morning and got dressed and packed up ready to check out and have the hotel store out bags while we went to the british museum for the day before catching our afternoon train home. Jason was a bit quiet i noticed and went in the bathroom first while i packed up my things into my bag then it was my turn in the bathroom while Jason packed up his things. when i came out of the bathroom five minutes later i noticed he had turned the tv off as i had turned it on to watch the morning news, and was standing by the window of our hotel room, i went over to him and we hugged and kissed then he said to me "ive got a suprise for you" took me by the hand and led me round to the other side of the bed, sat me down on the bed and got down on one knee and a box out of his bag and said to me "i love you so very much and ive never loved anyone as much as i love you, ou make me so happy, Clare stockley will you marry me?" i was stunned as i wasnt expecting it at all he had kept it very quiet i said yes of course! to me it was private and very sweet and romantic, we also realised later on he had proposed on halloween! but to us its a sunday morning and a day well remember for the rest of our lives together