Church Camp 2008

My story starts many years ago.... My Fiance's parents divorced in 99... I met Gabe on November 11, 2004. His parents had such a friendly divorce... Often in the passing years they helped each other out... They were soul mates...
They both stood by each others sides, even tho divorced, while Dianna had breast cancer, and Wyatt pancreatic cancer. They decided to remarry June 8th, 2008. At a church camp reunion.
Sadly on April 20, 2008 He went in to the ER for an aneurysm in his stomach. eight days later we lost Wyatt. The same day we lost Gabe's brother 15 yrs prior to a car accident.
Well Gabe being the great man he is.... Pulled me in front of the church group... He acted like we had planned something.... I turned around to confirm with a buddy....
When i turned back to Gabe... He was on one knee...the ring that was on Dianna's finger for her marriage with Wyatt was in his hand.
I said yes and kissed him...I can't wait to be united with him on 11/11/11