Birthday Surprise

My fiance & I have been together for almost 3 years. Our anniversary is right after my birthday. Before our 2nd anniversary I kept bugging my fiance about when we would get engaged. He would reply not for a good two years or so, leaving me with a feeling of sadness. My last birthday I couldn't think of anything in particular I wanted so I told him to surprise me. The night before my birthday we had a house warming party at his parents house for our new apartment we had just moved into. The entire night I kept noticing that his step mom was acting a little weird. She didn't want us to leave and kept telling Trey she would be mad at him if he didn't do what she wanted before we left. I just ignored it thinking it was something silly. The next morning Trey woke me at the edge of the bed with a half baked cupcake. I smiled when he said happy birthday baby & reached over to blow out the candle. Around the candle was a diamond ring. He started shaking and blurted out "will you marry me baby?" I started crying! About the night before, his step mom wanted him to propose to me at our party before we left in front of all his family and friends. He kept declining because he said he wanted it to be a special moment between just him and me.