2 week mediterranean cruise

Ok, so I knew that things were leading up to our engagement when he told me to email him the photos of rings I wanted and to pick my "favorite" one and let him know. So, I do this and about 4 months later we are going on this two week cruise through europe and the first day we got on the ship and got settled in we were out on the balcony and he asked me how much I liked the vatican, I tell him " I have never been, but I think it will be ok like a big church but the mother of all churches lol" I don't think I sounded too terribly excited about the vatican which wasnt my intent just tired for the 13 hour flight to england the day before and not much sleep the night before. Anyway, out of no where he asks "Will you really marry me?" I so use to him asking me for several months said "Sure I will baby" then as I looked down by his side he had this GORGEOUS 4ct diamond engagement band and I just screamed "OMG...YES, YES YES I WILL!" LOL it was so sweet and precious, I NEVER saw it coming and he really did a great job of not letting me on to what he was about to do with the getting on one knee thing, which I have always thought was completely over rated! We are getting married in may and couldnt be happier!