"22 Clicks"

I'll call myself Eric. My beloved wife of nearly a year we'll call Dee. ( our anniversary is 10 days away )

I've always been into poetry, of a multi-sylible rhyming style. Sounds like rap. My girlfriend at the time, was somewhat empressed with it. We knew that we wanted to get married eventually and started house hunting sometime a few years ago in September and found a nice condo. I started working up my loan and financing and also put a down payment on an engagement ring her mother told me she liked. My plan was to propose after reading a romantic poem at a poetry set we were going to the following month. Well, a few weeks before the set, my mortgage agent was asking me if there were any changes in my finances and I mentioned the ring I put a down payment on and started financing. He goes nuts, telling me that it will mess up my finance agreement with the mortgage company. So I had to take the ring back and the poetry set was, while enjoyable, a bit anti-climactic later that night. (sort of....every one loved my poem and me and my girlfriend went out for ice cream later on) During the poem, I mentioned " 22 clicks (like clicks of a time piece or a counting clicker )" and used that as the basis of counting down till I would propose. Each "click" would come to her unexpectedly or randomly either in the mail, or via text or in person. I later told Dee that I would not write any more poems for her until the 22nd click, which would also be the day I propose. I also gave her a notebook with all the poems I had written for her thus far all typed up in fancy handwriting and the like.

As it is, the condo didnt pan out, but I did eventually buy a home elsewhere which freed up my finances to allow me to get a ring. A few days ( and 21 clicks ) later, I invited her, her parents, grand parents and one of her best friends to come to the house and see it for the first time. We requested to be the only ones inside first and then everyone else could come in afterwards a few minutes later.

I then took her into the back room ( which is now a spare/storage room ) and told her I wanted to read something to her about the house. This was a guise, and I began to read, what I'll call, her engagement poem. Thru all of this, my voice cracked, I stuttered alot, I sweat hard, my heart pounded... I then opened a small box that would ordinarily be where the engagement ring was inside of and handed it to her. She opened it and out fell a small piece of paper that read simply " click " ( number 22 to be exact ) . I then got on one knee. As my body started towards the floor I could see her face fall to pieces as she began to cry. I pulled the ring out of my pocket, proposed, and hugged my new fiancee'.

Her family knew I was planning to propose that day. Her best friend didnt, and she rushed me once I told her and gave me a big hug. This was on December 30th, a friday night. The very next day, I got the flu for the first time, while Dee and her best friends traveled all over the tri-city area showing off her engagement ring, while I was all sick and puking on Saturday. I didnt talk to her much that day and didnt see her again for about 4 days or so. The wedding however was beautiful and we've had a great first year, and we're going to a few theme parks on our anniversary and watching fireworks.

I love her to death. She is my other half and my equal and my everything. She is my closest ally and yet my greatest foe ( LOL ) I love you Dee, and I look forward to the rest of forever with you.